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Take 1g and wait for 3 hrs
15-30 mins
 Duration 4-5 hrs

Originating from the Caribbean Island of Martinique. The trip of the Martinique magic mushroom can variate from person to person. Reports suggest that they can induce you into a euphoric state of mind that is dreamy and quite relaxing.  The initial effects of the Martinique Mushrooms can be very intense. Psychonauts love the Martinique cubensis because of the clean, spiritual effects and lack of body high that most other mushroom can give you.

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They are typically smaller inbuilt but with dense pinsets and canopies, which give the perfect overview for more accurate dosing – perfect for beginners!

Martinique mushrooms differ from other mushrooms by giving a “clean”, spiritual and more visual experience rather than a strong body buzz. Your journey should start 15-30 minutes after digestion and give you a mind-resetting experience.

How To Take Martinique Mushroom | Buy Mushrooms Online AUSTRALIA

Our dosage recommendations are 1.0g for beginners since this one is a little easier on the body-high scale, between 2g and 3.5g is considered a good margin for the average user and 3g+ for experienced users ready for a walk in the spiritual valley.

And as always, be careful mixing these shrooms with other psychoactive substances!
Other than that we can only say: Beautiful Island – beautiful fungus! Enjoy!

The Martinique cubensis is a Psilocybe cubensis magic mushroom specie from the Caribbean Island of Martinique suspected to be none other than the naturally growing Psilocybe yungensis.
Distinguishable by its orangish color, the Martinique cubensis grows in large numbers and its cap has a penchant to remain conical at maturity, giving place to an eye-catching and pronounced nipple-like umbo (though less eye-catching as the P. mamillata.)

With a mild to moderate potency, the Martinique cubensis is a widely distributed magic mushroom that favours flourishing on decomposing wood stumps or wood debris, in coffee plantations and cloud forest in altitudes of 1000 to 2000 meters.

The creole-speaking island of Martinique has a tropical climate and a remarkably constant hot and humid weather all year around; these optimal conditions make it a perfect habitat for the Martinique cubensis to thrive in.
Known as the island of iguanas and flowers, Martinique is a fertile volcanic land with a luxuriant vegetation and tortuous relief.

Like other islands, it was conquered many times and boats brought in a variety of new living organisms. A specie named Psilocybe subyungensis share a very similar appearance to Martinique cubensis but is found only in Venezuela. Coincidently, Venezuela is the country of origin of the Kalinago, the rumoured cannibal warriors known to have massacred the original inhabitants of Martinique, the gentle Arawaks.
Martinique cubensis also shares features with Psilocybe aztecorum and the Ecuador strain.

Reported growing in various states of Mexico, Martinique cubens is consumed by the Mazatecs Indians of Oaxaca for entheogenic purposes and referred to as the “genius mushroom” or the “divinatory mushroom”.
Martinique cubensis’ undeniable transcending powers make it the ultimate sacred strain when it comes to psychedelic journeys. Its ritualistic consumption by the Mazatecs puts it amongst the many sacred teonanacatl species such as P. mexicana.

Reported to foster a dreamy state of mind with a very relaxing body high, we can only suspect this mushroom  sers.

Effects: Reports suggest that Martiniques can induce you into a euphoric state of mind that is dreamy and quite relaxing. They provide clean, spiritual effects, and a less intense body high.

Trip Report

Ingested 5 grams

“I saw God. She looked and sounded like the Fairy Godmother from Shrek 2. She sang ‘Holding Out For a Hero’ to me. Turns out it was just my friend Chris. At the end of the entire experience/trip, I realized that I was the hero someone has been holding out for. 10/10”


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